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Connect the dots

Rigil’s iViews is a framework that enables the government to make confident decisions. It integrates teams, information, processes and tools across organizations, facilitating collaboration among decision makers through planning, execution and measurement.

Plan, execute and measure

iViews logoAll organizations plan, execute and measure with a common desire to optimize how it’s done. iViews pulls data from every planner, team member and leader to provide a holistic view of meaningful data and how it aligns with strategic initiatives. iViews plugs into all formats or tools used by organizations, removing the need to change existing processes or purchase new technologies.

iViews captures, tracks and displays information in real-time so decision-makers know resource distribution and can determine the path forward.

 iViews ™ connects the dots to show relevant information to support planning, executing, measuring and decision-making.

Your processes, our framework

How you use iViews is completely up to you. Use our built-in planning features to achieve your goals, or use your existing processes. Using iViews with pre-existing processes can help identify gaps or needed improvements.

Secure and flexible

iViews offers controlled access to data and provides secure encryption. It follows individual organizational guidelines for disaster recovery and data management.

iViews is available in the cloud or on-premise depending on what ensures the smoothest implementation of the tool into an organization. iViews can integrate with any third-party system that stores critical information including Microsoft Project Server, Jira, DELPHI and HP ArcSight.