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Capture the image. Record the sound. Share the memory.

Picio is an iPhone and iPad app lets you record audio over a still photo to share experiences via text, email or social media.

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Capture. The picturesque sunset. The ballet recital. The bustling city. The home run. The concert. The graduate. The dog. The baby. The cake. The party. The image.

Meeting Expectations

What do you expect to gain from your meeting?

Meeting Expectations is an iPad app designed to help you plan ahead to reach your goals. Keep agenda items simple and structured and help everybody stay on track. Meeting Expectations gets your ideas out quickly to other team members, so you can get their feedback.

Who doesn't have a story about a meeting that was a complete waste of  time. Was that your last meeting? Meeting Expectations can change that.

Mobile consulting

Transform how you deliver IT services

Adapt to change

The IT world continues to become more agile and mobile. Innovations driving change include software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), an “internet of things” and the ubiquity of mobile devices - many are not owned or managed by the organization. We explore a range of options for the deployment of mobile technologies to create mobile strategies that are right for your business in a constantly changing environment.