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Contract Information

Contract Number: GS02Q16DCR0081 test


Contract Information

Contract Number: GS02Q16DCR0081

Pro Bono Services

A good idea with great collaboration can change the world

We believe every good idea has the potential to turn into something great if the right people work together to make it happen. At Rigil, we know that quality collaboration can make all the difference.

If you are interested in receiving our pro bono services, please email us at with the subject "pro bono services."

Strategic management and consulting

Look forward. Plan wisely. Achieve results.

Face the future with confidence

Communications planning and support

Share your messages in the right way to achieve success

Your story matters

As the expert in your field, you know the importance of reaching the right people with the right message in the right way. To get results you need a coordinated approach to communicate. That is where Rigil comes in. We ensure everything you want to say aligns from beginning to end to meet your goals.

Communications integrates facts and creativity to capture and keep attention. Communications get results. We know communicating the right way can “make life better.”

Professional facilitation

Achieve desired outcomes with tailored facilitation

Begin with the end in mind

Our facilitation process begins with asking clients why they need professional facilitation assistance. We help clients identify desired outcomes and create measurable goals.

Enterprise portfolio management

Stay agile, manage risk and remain competitive

Make the right decisions

We bring significant enterprise portfolio management (EPM) experience to help you appropriately align your portfolio investments with your business strategies, technologies, architecture and resources.


Rakhi Kapoor Sharma

President and Chief Executive Officer