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Contract Information

Contract Number: GS02Q16DCR0081 test


Contract Information

Contract Number: GS02Q16DCR0081

Pro Bono Services

A good idea with great collaboration can change the world

We believe every good idea has the potential to turn into something great if the right people work together to make it happen. At Rigil, we know that quality collaboration can make all the difference.

If you are interested in receiving our pro bono services, please email us at with the subject "pro bono services."

IT security consulting

Maintain IT safety, privacy and integrity

Identify the best security options for your organization

We offer extensive IT solutions to secure and protect your information. We navigate you through the information security world with knowledge of technology, cyber security operations, enterprise security governance and culture to develop strategies that improve your IT security posture.

Technology Consulting

The Rigil advantage

Our goal is to provide you with IT solutions that meet your business needs. Our approach is simple and tactical. We help organizations with project planning and application development that integrates small details while connecting with your long-term vision. We keep pace with IT trends and technologies.

Application development

Building technology solutions to enable business

A tailored approach

We take an agile or standard approach to software development depending on client needs and tailor it to an organizations' culture. We use the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for both or federal client and in-house work.

We work with our customers to develop technical, high-quality, sensible solutions that enable a better business. We do this to "make life better."

Mobile consulting

Transform how you deliver IT services

Adapt to change

The IT world continues to become more agile and mobile. Innovations driving change include software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), an “internet of things” and the ubiquity of mobile devices - many are not owned or managed by the organization. We explore a range of options for the deployment of mobile technologies to create mobile strategies that are right for your business in a constantly changing environment.


Rakhi Kapoor Sharma

President and Chief Executive Officer