Application development

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Rigil has transformed traditional Application Development and Support into a cutting edge art. From extracting accurate requirements to leveraging superior architectures to rapid development and deployment, we have mastered the craft of developing highly innovative, mission-centric solutions.

No more wrong requirements, wrong solutions, poor quality code, security risks, over budget or late projects. We work with our customers to develop high-quality, intelligent technical solutions that result in a better business.

Our revolutionary approach to Application Support is aimed at reducing support cost, improving application quality, and self-funding of application improvements by leveraging cost efficiencies.

Our customer-focused solutions deliver tangible benefits with a quantified return on investment for our clients. With Rigil, you see positive results and positive value on expedited timelines.

From our continuous R&D comes our tools, our frameworks and unique methodologies designed to help accelerate development, improve code quality and reduce support cost.

Some of the features offered by Rigil are:

  • Business Outcomes Focus
  • Methodology Mapping
  • Proven Expertise
  • Stakeholders Engagement
  • Dynamic Resource Allocation
  • Reverse Paradigm
  • Self-Funding Projects
  • Continuous Modernization