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WASHINGTON, DC – June 2, 2015 – On May 27, 2015 the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) hosted the Second Annual ACT-IAC Mobile Application Fair. More than 40 applications were represented by 15 Federal Agencies and 25 different companies. David Bray, Chief Information Officer, Federal Communications Commission kicked off the event as the opening keynote and Gregory Godbout, Chief Technology Officers, Environmental Protection Agency wrapped up the event as the closing keynote and awards presenter.

There were five awards presented at the fair; Best Business Investment Application, Most Innovative Application, Best Wearable Solution, Best Overall Application, and the Advanced Mobility Working Group Leadership Award. The Mobile App Fair’s judges – including David Bray, FCC, Jon Johnson, GSA, Melissa Johnson, State Dept., Don Matheson, DHS, and Dave Rubin, FBI selected this year’s award winners.

Best Business Investment was awarded to the Food and Drug Administration and Mackson Consulting, LLC for their mobile application entitled “Field Investigator Tool with Mapping (FITMAP).” Field Investigators Tool with Mapping (FIT-MAP), a GIS based application supports investigations, greatly increases the capture of structured and geo coded data sources and is able to support surveillance and predictive analytics across the Agency. It was developed for the FDA in under one year and is currently in production to assist in performing food investigations. This tool can be utilized for survey, inspection and/or tracking of any FDA regulatory investigation information. This 100% mobile application leverages mapping and mobile touch technology to support key inspection and data aggregation initiatives. The ability to create ‘on-the-fly’ questionnaires, receive, track and geo-code data feeds (e.g sample results) during outbreaks, and other key data aggregation features could be used for surveillance and real time crisis management at the FDA.

Most Innovative Application was awarded to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, DHS and Wexler Solutions for their mobile application entitled “Eagle Direct(ed) Identification Environment (EDDIE).” EDDIE is a mobile biometrics capture and identification solution for iOS which provides a full featured and scalable in-field biometric identification for Immigrations Customs Enforcement Officers. The tool provides support for multiple handheld capture devices giving access to full gallery searches of the DHS IDENT database. System supports a robust response system allowing users to view full detailed information on biometric “hits”. The system also provides a flexible service enabled data exchange system allowing the enterprise to easily integrate captured data into other mission critical applications.

Best Wearable Solution was awarded to the U.S. Postal Service and Accenture Federal for their mobile application entitled “National Postal Forum Mobile App.” The Postal Forum App provides users with information about the annual National Postal Forum’s educational events, experiences and trade shows for mail professionals. Users will be able to view information about events and exhibitors, including schedules. In addition, users will be able to select items as favorites and view a custom list of those items.

Best Overall Application was awarded to Rigil Corporation for their mobile application entitled “iVIEWS.” iViews captures, tracks and displays information in real-time so decision-makers know their resource distribution and can make informed decisions. iViews pulls data from all team members to provide a holistic view of investments and portfolios, and alignment with strategic direction. Developed as both a mobile application (iOS) and a web-app, iViews imports relevant data, categorizes it and binds it in a workflow, enabling visualization of information. iViews provides real time data necessary to make and execute decisions. Our workflows and mobile availability provide the flexibility and real time data needed to make and execute decisions anytime and from anywhere. Accepting the award for Rigil Corporation was Chief Operating Officer Pankaj Sharma. “Last year, we attended this event, we had just started and were able to get a sense of what else was out there. There were so many great apps here today. We are thrilled to have won this award.”

The ACT-IAC Advanced Mobility Working Group Leadership Award was awarded the General Services Administration for their mobile application entitled “Fleet Management System to Go (FMS2Go).” The Idea behind this app was to reuse and extend the Fleet Management System (FMS) capabilities running on Unisys ClearPath mainframe to a mobile device by creating a native Android application with bar code scanning, voice recognition features and provide real-time access to FMS database using API’s created with Unisys ClearPath ePortal middleware solution. It uses built-in features such as camera, light, microphone, etc., available with the device. One of the key objectives is to enhance end user experience and to improve ease of distribution and reduce business logic. The app is used by GSA Fleet employees, marshalling GSA Fleet vehicle contractors and other agency employees.

With the increased use of mobile applications in government, there has been a surge in the development and use of mobile devices and wearable technology for mission execution. The ACT-IAC Advanced Mobility Working Group (AMWG) has recognized the increased use of mobile platforms among federal agencies and had a desire to bring government and industry together to engage and network with one another, make new connections and share best practices. The Mobile App Fair offered attendees the opportunity to see and “test drive” some of the most innovative illustrations of today’s mobile technologies.

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