Pool 2 and Pool 3

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Contract Manager

Greg Hollis


We were awarded the One Acquisition for Integrated Services (OASIS) Small Business (SB) contract, a multiple award, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract that serves as a flexible vehicle for government customers to attain complex professional services with any type of contract in January 2018. With the award, we obtained a new avenue to provide innovative solutions on OASIS SB task orders under the Financial Management Services core discipline.


OASIS SB consists of several pools covering different NAICS codes and size standards. WIth our awards in Pools 2 and 3, we’re prepared to deliver complex professional services for NAICS codes 541211–Offices of Certified Public Accountants and 541219–Other Accounting Services.

Financial Management Services and Solutions

Our mission is to create an enduring legacy for our clients, Rigilites, teams, and communities by making life better through leading-edge products and solutions.

We research emerging technologies, keep customers at the core, and find the lowest-risk opportunities with the highest chances of success.

We’re skilled in a variety of financial management services including:

  • Accounting services
  • Acquisition support
  • Budget analysis
  • Budget formulation/execution
  • Developing Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCEs)
  • Investment of funds
  • Processing invoices, receivables, reconciliations, and financial statements
  • Spend plans

iViews™, our award-winning custom enterprise budget management solution, helps users bid farewell to spreadsheets while accounting for every dollar and decision point related to their fiscal budget, digitally. With iViews, manual data entry is reduced – or completely eliminated – and redundant tasks no longer exist thanks to the tool’s built-in automation. With iViews, you can make your budget management systems confidently.

iViews is a staple product at our customer’s agency and has since gained traction in additional business areas because of its success. iViews has continued to adapt and evolve since its inception. Read how we changed our customers’ approach to budget management on our Innovation Hub page.

Contract Information

OASIS provides a Simplified Acquisition Process and is convenient to use. To get started, contact OASIS Customer Support at or visit the GSA’s website.