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Solutions on our time, and on our dime

Welcome to Rigil’s Innovation Hub, where our creative spirit runs wild and our core values of teamwork, entrepreneurship, agility, and morals come to life. Rigilites have always been encouraged to embrace their innovative side to make positive changes for customers, within their communities, and for the world at-large. The Innovation Hub is the place they are empowered to do that.

With research across a spectrum of emerging technologies, and keeping customers at the core, we find opportunities with the lowest risk and highest chances of success. Rigilites delve into real-world customer challenges, think big about how they can solve them, and test those ideas in the Innovation Hub.

While we know not every idea will become a commercial product, that doesn’t stop us from exploring what’s possible. We have a variety of prototypes and tests in progress, including ones on Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, and Cybersecurity. We’ve even worked to solve the nation’s most pressing challenges, including the opioid crisis.

Whether a solution is entirely new to you, one that keeps your operations running smoothly, or something that falls in between - you can trust us to build it while having the peace-of-mind knowing we made the investment up-front at no cost or risk to you.

Take a tour, and see how many of our award-winning products started out right here.

Innovating Safety through Gaming

est. 2019

Do innovation and safety go together?

When a longtime customer came to us after conducting decades of in-house research on how to make their paper-laden technical training program virtual, we listened. We asked ourselves the question. Then, we went to the Innovation Hub.

Soon, we brought the customer a solution: The first iteration of what would later become StrataGem™, our mission-oriented mobile learning platform.

We tested new features and learned from the results to create a powerful user experience that included scorekeeping abilities, e-flashcards, device management and security, and data reporting and metrics. We did all of this with the customer as part of the process.

Today, experts in aviation, energy, and human resources use StrataGem™ for their training - from critical missions to day-to-day operations. The Federal Aviation Administration even chose StrataGem™ as part of its first-of-its-kind study to validate remote learning beyond traditional classroom settings for air traffic controller students.

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“Rigil just gets it. Using gamification, they’ve transformed our traditional training into a fun and
immersive learning experience.” - Satisfied customer

Making Lifesaving Connections with Technology

Marrow Connect™
est. 2015

The Rigilites who created Marrow Connect™ learned a new colleague had recently recovered from Leukemia, an aggressive form of blood cancer. His finding a bone marrow match, and ultimately receiving a transplant, had saved his life - and finding that match was no easy task. That Rigilite had a strong personal support system to rally around him, navigate the complex healthcare and transplant system, and advocate on his behalf.

“During my job interview, I was asked how I’d use technology to make life better,” the survivor said. “My response centered around the concept of [what is today known as Marrow Connect™], which I knew would have a significant and life-changing impact. It would take what I’d learned from my experience and use it to help others.”

He spearheaded the effort and together they developed the mobile app in the Innovation Hub. Today, Marrow Connect™ connects its more than 3,000 users to life-saving bone marrow matches.

Addressing the Opioid Public Health Crisis

est. 2018

In 2017, The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared the U.S. opioid epidemic a public health emergency and by 2019 more than 70,500 people had died from the drug.

XoneAid, the product of more than 36-hours-straight of ideation and development at a 2018 HHS Code-A-Thon supports first responders, public health administrators, and those addicted as well as their loved ones in addressing the national crisis.

“We wanted to make sure the mobile app was geared toward those in the throes of the crisis - in our population as well as decision makers for maximum impact,” said Sean Rada, Rigil’s Deputy Director, IT Strategy.

“The end result demonstrated Rigilites’ ability to think and produce quality products quickly - and our commitment to using technology to make life better.”

XoneAid offers the following features and demos are readily available for interested customers:

  • Artificial Intelligence prediction of the next Opioid overdose hotspot in the U.S. based on publicly-available HHS data.
  • Photo recognition of pills that identifies ingredients that lend themselves more commonly to overdose.
  • Anonymity for those suffering from addiction and their loved ones to report overdoses to first responders and find local kiosks dispensing free overdose-reversal remedies.
  • Comprehensive data analytic reports to allow for informed decision making for policy makers and federal leaders.

With a handheld Raman device (sample image pictured, top) and the XoneAid mobile app, first responders can immediately mark the location of a Fentanyl overdose and contribute to a larger map that pinpoints overdoses across the country in real-time. This gives local decision makers the information they need to act and first responders the time they need to intervene swiftly.
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“You all make the tough stuff look easy.” - Satisfied customer

Changing How Customers See Budget Management

iViews™ est. 2013

It started when we knew there had to be a better way to solve the problem. Not because our customers told us to find it, but because we listened to them

Our customer had asked us to consolidate dozens of spreadsheets from across their organization to reconcile their monthly budget reports. It seemed simple enough, and we very happily did so.

Then, they asked us to do it the next month. And, the month after that.

We took the challenge to our Innovation Hub. Soon after, we pulled the proof-of-concept up on screen during a meeting, unsure of how they’d react. To our delight, the customers immediately saw its potential, and recognized its ability to save time and money. Most of all, they were excited they didn’t have to fund the development.

We integrated customers’ feedback into our Agile development process, tested out features, learned along the way, and gained invaluable experience. The result was iViews™, our award-winning custom enterprise budget management solution that helps users bid farewell to spreadsheets while accounting for every dollar and decision point related to their fiscal budget, digitally. Manual data entry is reduced - or completely eliminated - and redundant tasks no longer exist thanks to the tool’s built-in automation. Decisions are made confidently, with data at the core.

iViews is a staple product at our customer’s agency and has since gained traction in additional business areas because of its record of making budget planning more efficient and smarter. iViews has continued to adapt and evolve since its inception and is strengthened by our partnership with the customers who use it.

All because we knew there had to be a better way.

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