Our interns make life better

Our Internship Program gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to learn, grow, and flourish in a welcoming and diverse environment. Meet our Summer 2021 interns and their experiences.

What our interns say

Bridget Brown

Former Marketing and Communications intern

Bridget studied Marketing, International Business, and Human Development at the University of Maryland. She developed campaigns, made creative decisions, and executed the 2021 National Intern Day project while interning at Rigil.

What did you enjoy most about your internship?

This was my first experience outside the classroom where I was given an end goal with the freedom to chart my own path to reach that goal without rigid instructions. I was able to exercise my creativity and find different ways to make an impact with the company.

Deborah Okanlawon

Former Human Resources intern

Deborah was pursuing her graduate degree in Human Resources at Bowie State University. As a Rigil intern, she learned about many facets of HR and worked on many projects including the company’s skills matrix.

What was your favorite part of working at Rigil?

I appreciated the community-based aspect and open-door policy of the company. They organized meet-and-greets that allowed us to make lasting connections with the leadership team, and they are very approachable. I also felt supported by my direct supervisors, who made themselves accessible and willing to address my questions.

Dillon Morley

Former Technology and Analytics intern

Dillon studied Information/Data Science at the University of Maryland. He interned twice with Rigil, supporting the Gamification and Technology team and Project Analytics. He developed Human Resources games on the StrataGem learning platform and contributed to software development.

What advice do you have for future interns?

Ask for more work and use all resources available to you. There are always opportunities to connect with professionals of all career backgrounds and learn more about different types of work. After interning twice and experiencing two different roles, I have a better perspective on the opportunities my field offers.

Julia Arnsberger

Former Project Management intern

Julia studied Systems Engineering and Computer Science at George Washington University. At Rigil, she streamlined process improvement documents, organized federal contract information, optimized programs, and designed websites.

How did your work have an impact?

It is intimidating to go into the professional world for the first time, but I’ve gained a better understanding of how things work and grown confidence in my abilities to make an impact. Rigil’s innovative solutions make a positive impact on others and I feel my time here has contributed to that.

Our interns have the opportunity to take on projects that directly contribute to our values and make life better for their teammates, customers, and communities.