To overcome the Shutdown blues, some news to cheer up! Rigil introduces a AI based TBM module for iViews™!

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At the time when the entire Federal industry is reeling with the shutdown blues, Rigil is continuing the relentless quest for innovation and delivering new solutions for our Federal customers. Rigil’s flagship product, iViews™, a solution for Federal Budget Planning and Execution, is getting an exciting update! Rigil is announcing the release of Artificial 
Intelligence/Machine Learning based Technology Business Management (TBM) module to enable agency data categorization using TBM principles. TBM is an emerging standard   for categorizing IT costs, technologies, resources, applications, and services; and TBM will now be featured as a key component of iViews™.  

iViews™​ TBM module uses AI to bring TBM to the operational level. It enables smart data driven decision making around IT investments and uses existing industry and government data to improve IT cost transparency within the government. By leveraging AI/ML, iViews™​ will be able to dynamically auto-tag your data and map it to a predefined Taxonomy (TBM or other) . Auto-tagging will significantly reduce the manual effort involved with aligning your data to TBM, increasing efficiency and simplifying the overall process. Auto tagging will become increasingly accurate over time as the mapping algorithms continue to refine themselves with better, more accurate associations. The result is a system capable of automated mapping and tagging of budget, contract, investment, or CPIC data using the ever-evolving AI model. 

Organizations will be able to map existing data or new sources and automatically map them to the existing TBM categories. Aligning your budget to the TBM taxonomy in iViews™ enables you to display data through a variety of dashboard views, reports, charts and other visual representations.  

With the announcement of this release, Pankaj Sharma (COO, Rigil Corporation) commented: “Shutdown is very demoralizing for the entire Federal workforce and their families, but we should not let the shutdown slow us down! A special thanks to customers for using our solution and our team who worked tirelessly to bring this new capability to life. By using AI with the budget data, we are positive that our customers will be able to meet their immediate needs and adapt to a dynamic business and market environment. Rigilites always provide best in class, value-added solutions and services to our clients, and we hope this solution is again a step in the right uncompromised delivery. We are very excited about this new release.” 

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