Pro Bono Services

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A good idea with great collaboration can change the world

We believe every good idea has the potential to turn into something great if the right people work together to make it happen. At Rigil, we know that quality collaboration can make all the difference.

If you are interested in receiving our pro bono services, please email us at with the subject "pro bono services."

Designed to benefit you

Our consulting engagements are designed to benefit you, whether you have a specific objective to accomplish or just want to see where a new idea could go. We specialize in getting teams started and enhancing collaboration using frameworks accompanied by proprietary technologies.

Our frameworks:

  • Spur teams to translate bold, high-level initiatives into concrete actions and short--term deliverables.
  • Energize teams to get started on important yet unfamiliar projects.

Our services

A typical pro bono engagement includes:

  • A one-hour phone consultation prior to the engagement to assist you with elaborating the issue and identifying key participants.
  • An in-person, collaborative session led by a professional facilitator. Sessions are usually two to four hours.
  • A session enabled by proprietary online technologies designed to enhance collaboration.

Your value

  • At the conclusion of each session, you will receive a specific action plan and next steps.
  • Our proven frameworks foster buy-in, instill team confidence and build excitement.
  • Rigil will conduct a follow-up phone call or in-person meeting to discuss outcomes and answer any questions you might have

How to receive pro bono services

Organizations must meet the following qualifications for consideration:

  • Be a nonprofit 501(c)3
  • Be able to commit appropriate key staff, decision-makers or stakeholders for the engagement
  • Members must be available for in-person meetings in the Washington, D.C.,. area.

If you are interested in receiving our pro bono services, please email us at with the subject “pro bono services.” If you do not meet the qualifications but believe you could benefit from pro bono support, please do not hesitate to contact us.