Product launch: StrataGem - transform learning

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Rigil Corporation is pleased to announce the worldwide release of the StrataGem Gaming Platform to the international market. StrataGem is an innovation in mission-oriented gaming and a cloud-based platform with technology that enables the rapid, effective, and economical development of games for accelerated learning.

Rigil’s StrataGem Gaming Platform is the combination of a software development platform together with an end-user, content-editing functionality that delivers a rich, customized, educational gaming experience. The StrataGem Gaming Platform includes pre-built games that can be customized for different user or curriculum needs. New games can be quickly developed to achieve mission-oriented goals and meet a variety of training requirements. All StrataGem games include key features for accelerated learning such as competition and badges, adaptive learning, metric-based data gathering and reporting, self-evaluation and review, and integrated training documents.

“People can’t wait months or years for a training tool to be developed,” explained Pankaj Sharma, COO of Rigil. “With Rigil’s StrataGem Gaming solution, we can create fun and engaging training games – which instructors can update and manage with their own content – in a fraction of the time.”

Originally deployed by Rigil in response to an urgent FAA requirement, Rigil utilized the versatility of this innovative gaming platform to deliver five highly effective air traffic control training games. One FAA customer says, “Rigil just gets it. They know what we need and how to make it happen. Using gamification, Rigil is transforming our traditional training into an effective, fun, and immersive learning experience.”

Rigil Corporation is an Innovative Solutions, Business & Technology Consulting Services, and Research & Development firm serving the U.S. Federal Government and commercial sectors. To schedule a demo of the StrataGem Gaming Platform or learn more about Rigil, contact Ms. Brittany McCarthy at email or visit