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Best practices start in-house

Rigil brings the innovative and risk-taking culture of a start-up to large and conservative organizations. We infuse our teams with the technologies and processes at the forefront of the software development world:

  • Lean practices
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) integration
  • Short development cycles
  • Emphasis on prototyping, visualizations and mock-ups
  • Best-in-breed tools such as Github and Atlassian's Jira

We don't just do this with clients - we hone these skills in-house when developing our own products. Stop by and see how we work, and how we can work for you.

Meeting Expectations

Meeting Expectations™ makes planning and executing effective business meetings simple. From creating an agenda and invitation to sharing summaries and outcomes, this iPad app simplifies the entire process. Free in the Apple app store.


Picio™ is an iPhone and iPad app that turns memories into shareable experiences by combining still photos with audio. Picio showcases our unique technologies and development practices, from the mobile-first approach, extensive cloud services, and lean business practices. It is available free in the Apple app store


iViews™ connects the dots to show relevant information to support planning, executing, measuring and decision-making. All organizations need to do these things and have a common desire to optimize how it is done. iViews™ provides a holistic view of meaningful data and how it aligns with strategic initiatives. It integrates seamlessly into an organizations' existing technologies and processes, in the cloud or on-premise.

Marrow Connect

Marrow Connect combining causes and technology to save lives. Rigil built a mobile app that connects communities to find life-saving bone marrow matches. This iPad application gives people the ability to easily schedule drives, coordinate volunteers, share patient personal stories and updates, and spread the word about drives through social media. It is available Free in the Apple app store.

Flight Obstacles

Flight Obstacles conveniently displays all known vertical obstacles for aviation users on a map. Each obstacle contains survey data, including its height and location along with satellite imagery. Coverage includes the United States and limited coverage in the Pacific, the Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico. Obstacle data is updated daily by the Federal Aviation Administration.Free in the Apple app store.