iViews™: Financial planning

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iViews™ Technology Business Management (TBM) module adds the ability to dynamically categorize the financial data, analyze and develop automated reports to facilitate critical decisions, optimize resources and maximize the value of your investments.*

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Plan, Execute, Measure, and Decide. With Confidence!

Manage, Track, and Analyze Your Budgets

iViews provides transparency and accountability for planning, executing and managing budgets. The Budget Module simplifies budget planning and execution by treating every single dollar as a unique entity linked to your budget data allowing for robust tracking and hassle-free reporting either through iViews or your own reporting tools. Track budgets across fiscal years, identify trends and provide granular details for data analytics.

Keep an Eye on Your Contracts

iViews Contract Module provides a centralized location for tracking contractual data such as points of contact, performance periods, contract options, modifications, documentation and invoice data. What’s more, iViews makes it easy to securely share this data in order to promote collaboration with your colleagues and keep your stakeholders informed.

View Your Investments from Every Angle

Make life easier for your Program and Project Managers to keep their initiatives on track. iViews’ Investment Module tracks your portfolios, projects, programs, and tasks. It will make it easier for you to link your budget and contracts to monitor investment spend and expenses.

TBM Implementation Made Simple

Using the iViews™ TBM module, built on Rigil’s AI/ML-based proprietary technology, through artificial intelligence organizations can meet TBM and other taxonomies’ reporting requirements dynamically. The module assists in describing your services, IT towers, cost pools, and other tags you deem necessary, allowing you to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Connect and Integrate Data From Wherever You Need

iViews’ Universal Data Connector (UDC) allows for integration with most applications, including Microsoft Excel, SharePoint, XML Files, SQL or Oracle databases, Web content, document management systems, and other data types. This allows you to connect and ingest your data to be tagged for CPIC, TBM, FITARA or other organizational reporting needs. It can also connect your data to other data within your organization, or to data sources outside of it. What’s more, the UDC is compatible with reporting tools like Tableau, PowerBuilder, PowerBI, giving you the option for further data analysis.

* Flexible options for a cloud-based or on -premise set up.