Meeting Expectations

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What do you expect to gain from your meeting?

Meeting Expectations is an iPad app designed to help you plan ahead to reach your goals. Keep agenda items simple and structured and help everybody stay on track. Meeting Expectations gets your ideas out quickly to other team members, so you can get their feedback.

Who doesn't have a story about a meeting that was a complete waste of  time. Was that your last meeting? Meeting Expectations can change that.

Meeting Expectations is part of a larger effort at Rigil to transform how people collaborate. 

Meeting Expectations helps you have better meetings

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Easily create a detailed agenda. Specify start and end times, organize activities to align with your objectives and insert coffee and lunch breaks with the touch of a button.

Get your meeting on the right people’s calendars. Quickly synchronize your agenda with your calendar. Select invitees that display with photos and information from your contact list.

Share the agenda. Share your agenda with key personnel or meeting planners with a click of a button.

Repeat as needed. Clone meetings that extend for many days. Access and clone previous meeting agendas.

Download free on your iPad in the Apple app store!