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Who we are

Rakhi Sharma founded Rigil in 2005 on one premise: There is always a better way. A better way to serve customers, develop solutions, and foster a balanced working community. Rakhi believed in something more than a business. She created a way of working focused on making life better for every individual and community the company touched.

From our first contract delivering cybersecurity support to the aviation sector to the mature company we are today, that premise has remained. People - and our values of teamwork, entrepreneurship, agility, and morals - are core to all we do. We don’t just deliver top-notch products and services, we do it with an innovative spirit and continuously-improving mindset. We are proud of our expansive expertise - from artificial intelligence, mobile solutions, cybersecurity and commercial products to strategy consulting and program management.

We have a workforce of more than 150 people and have been named a fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine several times.

At Rigil, we say let’s make life better - and we live it.

Our mission 

Create an enduring legacy for our clients, employees, teams, and communities by making life better through leading- edge products and solutions.

Our vision 

Our vision is to make life better for every individual and community we touch.

Our values

  • Teamwork: Success is a continuous team effort, rooted in trust.
  • Entrepreneurship: Brainstorming is a way of life and we never stop envisioning better ways to succeed.
  • Agility: Continuous improvement, rapid response, and forward-thinking help keep pace with customers' ever-evolving requirements.
  • Morals: Doing the right thing with integrity every time is a non-negotiable.