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Getting started with a suite of premade games is as easy as adding your content to our out-of-the-box templates. Need a more specialized solution? Using Rigil’s extensive experience in application development and business consulting, we’ll work with you to create a game that's tailor-made for your organization. Whatever your training needs are, StrataGem is the right tool for fostering significant development and engagement in your user base.
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Completely Customizable

StrataGem gives you access to a variety of different game templates designed for a variety of topics and curriculum. Choose from games like Match, Word Game, and Quizitive. All they need is your content to create the perfect training module. Once you've created your game, you can distribute it to as many users as you’d like.


User Management Made Easy

Decide who sees what content on a user by user basis. Want to encourage a more collaborative approach to your games? Create teams to group users together and manage their permissions all at once.

Control Your Content

Need to make some changes to your game on the fly? Use StrataGem’s intuitive authoring tool to custom fit your game for different facilities, geographic locales, and job roles.


Incentives Galore

Every StrataGem game comes equipped with scoring and leaderboards to make sure your users stay engaged and competitive. You can also add rewards and achievements to some games to raise the stakes even higher.

Meaningful Metrics

Ensure the continued growth of your users’ knowledge and understanding. StrataGem collects key metrics such as player usage and performance and uses assessments to periodically check progress against your behavioral objectives.