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24x7 Help Desk Support

A Flexible and Responsive Solution to Federal Government Software & Hardware Support Needs

Technical support issues can result in work disruptions, reduced productivity, and increased employee and customer dissatisfaction. Rigil’s approach to help desk support provides a rapid response to problem resolution.


At Rigil, we are passionate about our customers and strive to consistently deliver exceptional customer service. Rigil’s Help Desk provides 24x7 technical assistance and business operations support. Our goal is to resolve customer issues efficiently through innovation and technology.

Our Help Desk is focused on providing continuity of operations and preventing unplanned service disruptions that result in expensive productivity loss. Our tiered 24x7 Help Desk solutions are custom designed to boost productivity and user satisfaction while reducing Service Level Agreement violations. Our solutions are designed with a focus on Call Times and automation which enable us to quickly resolve customer issues.


Whether the task at hand is standing up a new Help Desk, taking over an existing Help Desk, or consolidating Help Desks, Rigil understands how to address customer needs and deliver the benefits clients desire in a consistent, structured way. Our custom-tailored Five Phase Methodology leverages and combines the best features of Lean (a thorough front end workflow analysis to determine a detailed and efficient initial design) and Six Sigma (implementation of that design with constant measurement and back end workflow analysis used to identify opportunities for optimization), resulting in solutions that maximize efficiency and cost savings through continuous improvement.


Rigil possesses the experience and expertise to offer best in class Tier 0, 1, 2, and 3 Help Desk support. Depending on customer requirements, our solutions may include Hardware Support, Application Support, Desk Side Support, On-site or Off-site Support, or a Hybrid design. Additional services such as Online Live Help or Online Web Assistance can also be incorporated as needed.

We are currently serving multiple customers with our fully featured and supported Help Desk solutions. We have also performed Call Centre Optimization on existing Help Desk systems, improving efficiency and reducing costs as shown by measurable results. We are proud to offer our expertise, our experience, our technologies and our solutions to you for your Help Desk needs.

Tier 0

Designed for round-the-clock support with easy access to Frequently Asked Questions, User Groups, Wikis, Blogs and Portals.

Tier 1

Quickly answer basic support questions and solve customer issues efficiently. High First Call Resolution is our goal.

Tier 3

Designed for higher levels of troubleshooting with our experts to address more complex issues.

Tier 4

Product-level support to correct Application or Infrastructure issues.

Rigil Help Desk Customers

Federal Aviation Administration 24x7 Customer Help Desk: Tiers 0 - Tier 3

  • Air Traffic Automation Management System (ATOMS)
  • Cru-X (FAA’s time & attendance system)
  • Air Traffic Organization Web Scheduler

M - F 9am - 5pm Help Desk: Tiers 1 - Tier 3

  • Air Traffic Quality Assurance (ATQA)
  • Air Traffic Operations Application Portal (AAP)
  • iViews Support

Department of Commerce

  • iViews Support: Tier 1 - 3
  • Security Operation Centre : M-F 9-5 Tier 2


Rigil has experience in various industry Service Management tools including CRM and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). We have built several customer service portals incorporating self-help features as well as automation for password resets and other frequent or common issues.

Based on customer requirements we are able to design the most effective Call Centre which has streamlined processes to give the users service they desire and the savings the organization expects with customer satisfaction always being a primary goal.


We always aim to exceed the Service Level Agreements using our experience, our expertise, our methodologies, automation and technologies from our R&D.


Rigil partners with you to design the optimal Help Desk solution for you.

  • On-Site
  • Off-Site
  • Near-Site or Hybrid
  • Online/Web Support
  • Online + Live Support
  • In-Person


Using our disciplined process, Rigil tracks metrics to report on call volume, call time, First Call Resolution, Call Duration and more with the goal of improving responsiveness, customer service, and performance visibility.


Our help desk support is staffed to meet the schedules of your users, allowing for our customers to enjoy support on their critical applications any time of the day or night including weekends and peak periods and ramp down as needed. Whether it’s 9am to 5pm, or 6am to 6pm, or a full 24x7 schedule, Rigil is ready to serve.


Security is our priority...especially for our government customers. Based in a secure facility in Washington, DC, our customer support team is experienced in serving government customers.


  1. Secure & U.S. based
  2. 24x7 + Tailored to your schedule
  3. Custom designed for your needs
  4. Hardware and software support
  5. Proven entrance and exit methodology