Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

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Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

Industry-leading IT Security and Information Assurance Solutions for Government and Commercial Customers

With security breaches such as botnet-directed malware/ransom ware, identity theft using phishing techniques, and zero-day exploits all making headlines, companies and individuals must stay one step ahead to ensure their data and systems remain secure. Rigil builds comprehensive security solutions to defend your enterprise, keeping it accessible, controlled, and protected.


Both the public and private sector regularly contend with the fluctuating challenges associated with protecting their critical assets, infrastructure, and data. Information security strategies employed by large organizations are too often focused on post-incident corrective actions rather than looking ahead with a preventive perspective. When security strategy focuses on the rear view instead of looking forward, it is not only ineffective, it’s expensive!

Rigil’s approach to cyber security and information assurance involves developing a proactive agile security plan tailored to your organization’s needs, placing priority on protecting your most critical data. The resulting strategy ensures prompt awareness of system threats through continuous monitoring, secure application development, and thorough preparation for rapid and efficient management of the known and unknown risks that lie ahead.


Rigil conducts secure application development by implementing a security development component into the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). This approach is a model for creating products that are inherently more reliable, secure, and resistant to malicious attacks. Rigil uses application security development best practices in accordance with various security design rules to minimize and protect trusted system elements, incorporate security as part of the design, properly use open standards, and authenticate in adherence to HSPD-12 directives and guidelines.

Rigil performs application development and maintenance activities associated with defining, designing, building, testing, implementing, maintaining, and operating the physical and logical security of the application development processes, application development source code, data and data stores, the development environment, and all application development tools and components according to applicable industry security standards and best practices (e.g., ISO 27000, NIST, DOD, CERT, SANS). In addition, Rigil is adept at scaling solutions in order for them be safely implemented organization-wide.


Rigil provides a host of security services, including application security, predictive analysis, emergency readiness, and real-time risk assessment tools to address security concerns in a proactive way. Our support capabilities encompass the overall security operation and maintenance of a system as well as solutions delivery including security enhancements, emergency readiness, and disaster recovery and contingency planning.


Through continuous, automated monitoring and protection of the sensitive information technology infrastructure, Rigil’s approach leads to reduced security compromises, minimized need for recovery efforts, and lower associated costs.

Identity Management and Risk Assessment Services

We offer Identity Management and Risk Assessment services to Government agencies and Financial Institution. Both services help our customers better identify first time prospects or existing customers and increase security while reducing potential fraud. Our services are powered by our entity resolution platform that corroborates data across hundreds of consumer, financial and business data sources, running advanced proprietary AI algorithms to confirm the identity of an individual and score her financial risk.

Rigil supported a large government agency with the relocation of their security operations centre to the cloud by ensuring system security during the process using our continuous monitoring approach. By analyzing agency-specific factors, including the magnitude of high-risk data and the fluctuating environment, Rigil was able to successfully determine and recommend the optimal solution to meet the customer’s needs.

Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM) Process


Rigil knows how to build applications that monitor your network and systems for malicious activity, using a network or host-based approach depending on your needs and working at any level from signature-based antivirus systems to continuous monitoring of all your network traffic using anomaly-based detection.


Rigil has extensive experience and expertise in creating systems that properly manage who can access your resources, in what ways, and for what reasons. We use the latest in authentication and authorization technologies to securely provide users with the access they need to do their jobs, based on confirmed user roles and permissions.


Rigil knows how to create systems that properly mask and protect personally identifiable information (PII) and other data that implicates privacy concerns, while preserving access for those who need it, as part of an integrated security architecture.


While the primary goal of cyber security may be to protect your data and systems from intrusion, it is necessary to have measures in place should your protections be breached nevertheless. Rigil has the expertise to contain, mitigate, and remediate the damage in case of a security intrusion, whether by blocking suspect outside contacts, detaching or segregating the parts of the system impacted, or investigating and eliminating the particular file, process, or system vulnerability at fault.


Rigil does not treat cyber security and information assurance as an afterthought, but rather we build security measures into the architecture of the systems we develop from the beginning using the approach of secure application development.


Rigil is practiced in providing a thorough evaluation both of the technologies currently being used for security and information assurance, and new technologies being assessed for potential use in a new or upgraded system. We regularly make recommendations of the technologies best suited to meeting customer needs and develop new, cutting-edge systems for our clients.


Rigil knows how to analyze and assess your existing system for potential vulnerabilities, as well as evaluate the overall information environment in which you operate with an eye to potential threats. We provide these services using a combination of automated tools and human expertise.


Rigil knows how to design systems with an eye to 'hardening' them against security intrusions and threats, by analyzing and reducing your surface of vulnerability and building in multiple layers of protection for your critical data to provide a 'defence in depth'.