IT Investment Portfolio Management

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IT Investment Portfolio Management

Align your portfolio investments with your business strategies, technologies, architecture, and resources.

Rigil has years of experience developing and implementing effective IT Investment Portfolio Management Strategies for various Federal Agencies. Leveraging this experience allows for the confident Selection, Control, and Evaluation of IT initiatives that maximize value and directly support any organization’s strategic goals and objectives.

Our risk and performance-based approach to IT Investment and Portfolio Management, when coupled with the implementation of our internally developed iViews Collaboration and Data Analysis System, ensures that financial, budgetary, program, and contractual data are continuously analyzed, interpreted, and reported to key stakeholders in ways that enable effective decision making. Specifically, we are able to:

  • Leverage iViews as a centralized financial and investment spending profile repository, allowing your organization to manage the development, execution, and tracking of IT investment portfolio budgets.
  • Ensure IT investments align to strategic business goals and conform to relevant requirements, to include contractual terms and organizational policies, plans, and procedures.
  • Enable the organization to achieve optimal value from implementation of IT services and IT-enabled business solutions.
  • Ensure that appropriate roles, responsibilities, and account- abilities are established for information requirements, data and system ownership, IT processes, benefits, and value realization.
  • Establish and/or refine portfolio governance policies, processes, and procedures.
  • Facilitate timely portfolio management decisions based on accurate and frequent data reporting.
  • Facilitate OMB, GAO, and Congressional Reporting.


Implement the iViews System to foster collaboration between Budget, Program, and Contract Management functions in the context of the IT Investment and Portfolio Management Process. Facilitate consistency in Investment and Portfolio Management Lifecycle Processes and Procedures. Optimizes Investment Costs, ensures Financial Data Integrity, and improves transparency of Financial Reporting.

Conduct IT Portfolio Management Assessment and Improve Portfolio Lifecycle Process. We assess the current state of IT Investment Portfolios Management, identify improvement areas, devise solutions, and implement a plan to achieve the desired “to-be” state. Developing and implementing an Integrated Management Framework provides for a seamless and streamlined process for selecting, controlling, and continuously evaluating the performance of individual investments and the overall portfolio.

Improve IT Portfolio Management Decision Making. Build Governance Structures and associated Decision Thresholds to facilitate effective decision making at every level of the organization. Identifies stakeholder needs across the organization and provides clear communication channels, resulting in more timely and effective decision-making.

Identify and recommend Status Reports, Dashboards, and Metrics to customers to ensure project activities are measured with timely and accurate information. Provides actionable information to manage day-to-day operations, enhance transparency and accountability, and allow stakeholders to ace informed decisions about the cost and risk of investments.

Track the Performance of the IT Investment Portfolio. Develop quantifiable and discrete measures, metrics, and thresholds to ensure each investment’s performance meets intended objectives. Continuous monitoring of Portfolio Performance provides stakeholders full awareness of the performance of each investment in the portfolio. Helps control scope, costs, and schedules and improves execution and consistency across the portfolio.

Thorough knowledge of OMB A-11, A-130 Reporting and Submission Requirements. We facilitate the gathering, analysis, and reporting of financial and investment performance data for annual submission to OMB or other entities as needed. Ensure accurate information is submitted to external entities such as OMB, GAO and/or Congress as required.

Support Issue and Risk Management by conducting project reviews and providing recommendations on program and project-specific risks, helping to manage risk across the enterprise. By reducing the number of realized risks and reducing the costs of the ones that do occur, we help detect problems early enough to allow timely, effective, and low-cost corrective actions to be taken.

Assist in selecting, implementing, and managing Investment and Portfolio Management Tools. We leverage iViews, a tool that enables our clients to manage disparate investments and portfolio-level data across systems and platforms, to make this process both easier and more efficient. Enables collaboration among stakeholders, provides consistent information across platforms (including mobile), and enhances the ability of decision makers to take timely action on investment activities.