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Mobile Application Development

Innovative product design, engineering, and user experience.

Mobile applications is the new normal today. Teleworkers, travellers, and field staff all demand security across their applications at all times. This demands expertise and Rigil has the answer.

Rigil offers a range of end-to-end solutions and services for mobile application development. Using our specialized skills and experience, we implement and manage mobile solutions for multiple missions, be they internal organizational resources for optimizing and streamlining operations, or external resources and tools for connecting and interacting with target audiences outside the organization.

Our team has extensive experience in developing new mobile applications for various Federal agencies. We have a mature in-house team dedicated to mobility strategy, planning for “bring your own device” (BYOD), and mobile application development in iOS, Android, and responsive HTML5.

As a licensed Apple Developer, Rigil works with Apple in a B2B relationship on our mobile software activities. Our experienced mobile solutions personnel, working with our customers and following industry best practices provided by Apple, have developed and deployed a number of mobile applications in the iOS and other Apple environments.

We help make computing, communication, and collaboration services available using tablets, phones, laptops, or other devices suited to the purpose at hand. These services allow customers to work in diverse teams with complex data - across multiple time zones - to do new things in a new way.

Rigil extends our expertise and innovation across all stages of an enterprise mobile application world, including:

Envisioning Services

  • Innovation: Building tomorrow’s mobile enterprise
  • Mobility Architecture, user experiences, and security
  • Business process redesign through contextual services

Business Solution

  • Mobility - led business solutions
  • Business/technology components by business area
  • Meaning impact: Growth, profitability, and asset efficiency

Technology Solutions

  • Productized technology package
  • Address - specific technology needs
  • Exploit new capabilities of mobile technology

Technology Services

  • Mobile design and development
  • Mobile QA/testing services
  • Mobile life cycle/ device management


Rigil provides comprehensive end-to-end application development services, supporting the conceptualization, design and development, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of IT applications.


We provide result-oriented Mobile Application Development Services to all our clients. Our services range from initial mobile application development to application and portfolio development. Throughout the project lifecycle, our focus is on the organization’s needs and delivering measurable results.


Our business solutions address specific client needs. We have expertise in a variety of methodologies, including XP, Waterfall, Scrum, and Agile. Our approach is tailored around methodologies, resource management models, and delivery models that address a client’s operating environment, business objectives, and goals.


Our experience in agile solution delivery helps our clients to benefit from the latest methodologies, engagement models, and tools without outstretching their budget. All our business solutions are tailored to meet the demands of the business, its customers, and operating domain.


Clients can easily benefit from our in-depth industry knowledge and domain expertise. Rigil’s application development services support agility and predictability. Our experts have shown their expertise across industry verticals such as healthcare, IT, Aviation and finance services.


By enabling offline mode in mobile applications, we make continuity of operations when not connected to the network a reality. All of our mobile applications work in both online and offline modes. In the offline mode, our applications use store and forward capability to stay connected and synced with the application server. All basic and advanced tasks performed by the users are stored locally, receive an immediate response wherever possible, and are synced with the network whenever connectivity is restored. For example, Rigil has developed and is deploying our iViewsTM Mobile product at FAA to help provide FAA Executives with timely and comprehensive information to support strategic and tactical decision-making.


We help our clients reduce mobile application development costs by providing process-driven and scalable solutions. Additionally, we help them maximize the value of their existing applications through feature upgrades, and other value-added services.


We employ tested and proven methodologies to create working applications that meet business requirements. Our approach focuses on the periodic delivery of a software application. This iterative process helps us ensure that an application is built, as per the client’s requirement, and delivers optimal business value.


We employ robust and reliable QA approaches. These help us ensure quality at each phase of development, and extend quality applications to our customers at cost-effective prices.