We are Rigil

Rakhi Sharma founded Rigil in 2005 on one premise: There is always a better way. A better way to serve customers, develop solutions, and foster a balanced working community. Rakhi believed in something more than a business. She built a company focused on making life better for every individual and community they touched.

From our first contract delivering cybersecurity support to the aviation sector to today, the premise remains.

Let’s make life better

Our values

Teamwork: Success is a continuous team effort, rooted in trust.

Entrepreneurship: Brainstorming is a way of life and we never stop envisioning better ways to succeed.

Agility: Continuous improvement, rapid response, and forward-thinking help keep pace with customers’ ever-evolving requirements.

Morals: Doing the right thing with integrity every time is non-negotiable.

Our mission

Create an enduring legacy for our client, employees, teams, and communities by making life better through leading-edge products, solutions, and services.

Our vision

Our vision is to make life better for every individual and community we touch.

Say it with us

Say it with us: Rigil (rhymes with vigil)


Federal Aviation Administration’s Best of the Best Woman-Owned Small Business

Fastest Growing Companies – DC

Outstanding Achievement -StrataGem Team

Fastest Growing Companies

Best Mobile Application – iViews

Best Business Game – Basic Vectoring powered by StrataGem

2022 Education & Human Performance Team -StrataGem for Hampton University 

We are committed

High standards are a way of life.

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4800 Westfields Blvd., Suite 120
Chantilly, Virginia 20151

Washington, D.C.

Oklahoma City

Main: (202) 747-3720

Fax: (202) 747-3728

Email Us: MakeLifeBetter@rigil.com

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