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Change the world

Our innovation hub is where ideas with the potential to change up the world take off.

It’s where our creative spirit runs wild. Where Rigilites are encouraged to embrace their innovative side and make positive change for customers, communities, and the world.

We explore on our tie and dime so you have peace of mind.




The spark: The Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Controller training program is world-class. We knew a cohesive virtual training platform could enhance its reach and impact, to and carry the next generation of air traffic controllers to success – from start to graduation , and beyond.

What we did: We iteratively built a versatile training platform that was accessible, easily implemented, and expedited the learning process.

The solution: Our StrataGem™ mobile learning platform has transformed learning in a variety of industries including aviation, education, and energy.




The spark: Large fiscal budgets are complex, and managing them is critical to keeping the government running smoothly. We saw an opportunity to expedite the process, reduce risk, and eliminate manual labor.

What we did: We built a fiscal budget management solution to digitize budget management, eliminate spreadsheets, and streamline approvals, saving time and money.

The solution: Our iViews™ fiscal budget management solution accounts for every dollar and decision digitally. It continues to expand and has broad reach across government organizations.



Marrow Connect™

The spark: Rigilites learned a new colleague had recently recovered from Leukemia, an aggressive form of blood cancer. His finding a match, and ultimately receiving a transplant, saved his life – but finding finding that match was no easy task.

What we did: Fueled with lessons learned from his own experience, the Rigilite knew there had to be a better way to navigate the complex healthcare and transplant system. He pulled together a team to develop a mobile solution.

The solution: Marrow Connect™ helps individuals and their care teams find life-saving bone marrow matches and support in their communities.



XoneAid™ Beta

The spark: First responders, decision-makers, and opioid users all hold critical information – what was lacking was a platform to connect them.

What we did: We canvassed existing solutions and data sources – both commercial and government – and tested several beta solutions to find one with the most potential impact.

The solution: XoneAid™ Beta connects those with critical information to save lives. It uses artificial intelligence to predict where the next outbreaks will happen and gives decision-makers time to put resources in those communities, such as NARCAN kiosks, before the outbreak starts.

We’re testing XoneAid™ Beta and seeking partners to collaborate before launch.

Visual stories,



The spark: Rigil’s Founder and CEO, Rakhi Sharma, was snapping photos of her daughter playing with their German Shepherd. As they reviewed the photos, her daughter began telling a story of the photos in sequence.

What we did: We patented an iPhone application that captures high-resolution photos with short audio segments. The A/V combo is saved in .mp4 format and easily shared on social media or via text or email.

The solution: Picio™ lets users create audio/visual files, save them, and share them via social media, text, or email.