NTSA recognizes StrataGem for Hampton University for human-centered training excellence

ORLANDO – The National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) recognized StrataGem for Hampton University for excellence in human-centered training today. NTSA awarded its Modeling and Simulation award/Education and Human Performance recognition to Rigil and Hampton University for collaborating to advance learning for future air traffic controllers.

Following StrataGem’s introduction into Hampton University, air traffic control instructors saw an increase in average test scores to 97.2%, up 10 percent from its previous five-year average. Hampton University extended the use of the platform into five different courses in its Air Traffic – Collegiate Training (AT-CTI) program. StrataGem continues to demonstrate efficacy as an aid toward achieving Hampton University’s desired goals and benchmarks.  

StrataGem provides educators with a platform to develop competitive, customizable games that reinforce information covered in the classroom. Its Basic and Advanced Vectoring games were particularly effective in helping students at Hampton University who had no prior air traffic control experience with retaining foundational information for their studies. 

Each year at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/TSEC), NTSA distributes awards in four categories: Lifetime Achievement, Training and Simulation, Acquisition and Analysis, and Education/Human Performance. 

About Rigil

Rigil is an award-winning strategy, technology, and products company committed to making life better for every individual and community they support. Founded in 2005 as a woman-owned business, Rigil had one premise: There is always a better way. A better way to serve customers, deliver solutions, and foster a balanced working community. Learn more at https://rigil.com/.

About Hampton University’s Department of Aviation

Hampton University’s Department of Aviation prepares students for a variety of careers in aviation. Combined with a strong liberal arts background, the aviation program allows students to participate in building the future of the industry and demonstrate lifelong learning through research projects and acts of service to the university, aviation profession, and community. It is only one of 105 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) with a Federal Aviation Administration-approved Air Traffic-Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) program. Learn more at http://aviation.set.hamptonu.edu/.

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